Is There Really A Way To Raise An Effective Penis Size?

Penis SizeWhen talking about penis size, maybe almost no man has never worried about this at one point in his life. In addition, perhaps almost all men on the planet have at least satisfied their curiosity to wander in the online world to find ways to enlarge their penis – and are really tempted to try it.

Many products and programs that claim to have discovered the big secret for big dicks. But still, you who are tempted to try these methods must be careful because there is no proven scientific method to increase the size of your penis without any real risk. Trying to try to increase penis size, you risk losing sensation in your peripheral nerves (making it difficult to ejaculate), impotence, scarring, lesions, or other permanent damage.

Get facts about what to expect from a variety of penis enlargement methods, ranging from penis enlargement pills, pumps, exercise, to plastic surgery.

What are the methods of penis enlargement available?

Vacuum pump

For certain cases, a vacuum pump like bathmate hydro pump can help sufferers of medical conditions problems with blood circulation to get and maintain an erection. Vacuum pumps are often used in elderly men, who have diabetes, or erectile dysfunction (although they do not cure; only manage symptoms).

Vacuum pumps promise to increase penis size by pumping blood to the shaft of the penis, until it swells. You are then required to clamp the penis with a tight ring – like a tourniquet – to keep blood from flowing back to the upper body.

Is this method effective?

This method may sound reasonable and easy to do, but it is proven to only provide temporary effects (as long as the ring continues to be used) and does not have a significant effect on your performance on the bed. Using it too often or too long can damage the elastic tissue of the penis, resulting in less optimal erections (even impotence), numbness in the organs, to tissue and blood vessel damage.

Topical supplements and creams

Oral medications and penis enlargement topical creams claim to contain hormones, vitamins, minerals, or traditional herbs that effectively enlarge the penis.

Is this method effective?

There is no scientific evidence that can support this claim that working effectively helps you get the penis size you dream of, and some products can harm you. Most penis enlargement drugs are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (BPOM). As a result, there is no guarantee as to the composition or chemicals contained in these penis enlargement drugs; “magic” pills can be contaminated with toxic substances, such as lead or waste products. Some penis enlargement products or methods have openly explained the potential side effects or permanent damage that might be caused. Not to mention, these pills and creams may be placebo products.

Some manufacturers of penis enlargement pills and creams advertise their products with “before and after” images and testimonials from previous clients, but this cannot be considered valid proof because it is very easy for advertisers to manipulate images with computers or write product reviews false. There is no known drug that can increase penis size.

Hang the load on the penis

Some believe that a larger penis size can be achieved by repeatedly using a load hung from the tip of the penis from time to time. Sounds painful, but make no mistake, this non-drug alternative is noted to be the oldest method of trying to increase penis size.

Is this method effective?

Depending on the weight of the load used it will extend the ‘withered’ penis, but will not increase the thickness. The disadvantages? There is no scientific basis that can support its security, and there have been no reports of positive results from various experiments that have been carried out using this load method for years. There is no evidence that the results of the withdrawal will remain permanent even after the load is released. In fact, there is a lot of documentary evidence that enlarging the penis with the help of weight causes stretch marks, lesions, decreased sensitivity to the penis, tissue damage, and impotence.

Physical devices

Seeing this opportunity, many manufacturers of penis extenders or stretchers are sticking out in the market. The penis extender, as the name implies, uses the traction method: a ‘wilted’ penis is inserted into an extender tube for later withdrawal, every day.

Is this method effective?

Reported from Medical Daily, penis extenders have been proven to use the body’s natural processes to stimulate cell regeneration in penile tissue, and an Italian medical journal that specifically examines this device concluded that men permanently get extra length, on average, less than 2.5 cm . Even so, this study is not of high quality.

With a note, this pretty good result comes with its own risks. In addition to requiring high dedication – 8 hours a day and carried out every day for six months – this method also carries non-playful health risks, such as tissue and blood vessel damage.


Some people recommend exercise as a safe way to enlarge the penis, for example with Kegel exercises and jelqing. Although there is a lot of medical evidence that can guarantee the benefits of better sexual performance thanks to Kegel exercises, there are actually no specific exercises to increase penis size.

Jelqing is a sports method that is believed to increase the size of the penis by pulling and slapping your penis (without masturbation).

Is this method effective?

Both methods are proven to only offer temporary and ineffective effects.

Plastic surgery

There are two medical procedures available for penis enlargement. First, plastic surgery to increase penis length, which involves cutting the suspensory ligament. This ligament connects the penis to the pelvic area and supports the penis in an upright state during erection. When the ligament is cut, the position of the penis slumps down, giving the illusion of a longer and bigger appearance.

Is this method effective?

Reporting from the NHS, a 2008 study found that this procedure resulted in an average length of about 1.3 cm, but only 35 percent of men were satisfied with the results. This procedure can also cause the penis to tighten down when erect.

Second, plastic surgery to increase the thickness of the penis during erection. This procedure involves injecting fat taken from other parts of the body into the penis. The risk, your penis may look uneven or have bumps here and there, and scar tissue may arise. Injected fats over time can also be lost.

A new alternative to plastic surgery that might be lower risk is reported to be successful in a number of men. This procedure involves re-placing the two testicles somewhat more upwards to show more penis stems, thus creating a longer penis appearance. This procedure lasts for 20 minutes and can be done while outpatient.

Surgical treatment, according to a recent study conducted at the University of Turin, Italy, is characterized by a high risk of complications and unwanted results. The American Urology Association, quoted from WebMD, states that this procedure has not been proven safe or effective for penis enlargement in adults.

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